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Meet compliance head-on; Pay by Month

PAYG Compliance Pack

Introducing Transtech's Pay As You Go (PAYG) solution.

Join leading transport operators today with Transtech's PAYG transport fatigue and compliance solution. This cloud-based technology offers a revolutionary management system that is affordable for all companies, whether it's an owner-driver through to multi-fleet national operations.

The PAYG Compliance Plan allows operators to easily comply with complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements in Australia.

The Compliance Plan includes the following applications:

iface_sentinel iface_mass iface_pretrip iface_speed


Mass Manager







Sentinel is a tried and proven Electronic Work Diary (EWD) utilised by some of Australia's most progressive transport and logistics operators. It ensures a transport operator and its drivers are in the position to comply with all fatigue laws and rule sets implemented across Australia.

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Mass Manager provides drivers with the ability to record axle group mass and vehicle configuration directly on the iFace as required under NHVAS regulations.

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Pre-Trip Checklist is a tool that allows the operating driver or depot staff to go through a pre-defined checklist of vehicle, trailer and/or driver safety in order to start their journey under the NHVAS rules.

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SpeedAssist is a driver tool that assists in maintaining safe driving practices across all operating fleets. The simple and powerful application provides audio and visual alerts to inform drivers of speeding and enables them to take preventative measures.

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What the solution is designed to do

Transtech's PAYG transport fatigue and compliance solution is designed to make compliance technology affordable for all companies, from an owner-driver through to multi-fleet national operations. The solution provides a way for drivers, back-office administrative staff and managers to view real-time information. Built in the cloud means around the clock access from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

The PAYG Compliance Pack helps operators to easily comply with the complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements in Australia. These include driver fatigue management, speed compliance, NHVAS mass management and vehicle pre-trip checklists - all provided through the iFace, a platform that provides multiple solutions from the one device.

The iFace empowers you to increase operational efficiencies and meet productivity goals, freeing up the compliance manager's time to focus attention on strategic initiatives rather than chase up non-compliant activity. With NextGen, Transtech's cloud-based portal, information is displayed to the back-office in a concise and readable format - removing all tedious re-typing. The ability to export information directly to Excel means your NHVAS audits are easier than ever. NextGen's exception and fully detailed reporting allows you to expedite the decision-making process, giving the ability to react to issues as they occur rather than days after the events.

Transtech is focused on adapting technologies and applications to meet operator needs and has been an integral to the Electronic Work Diary (EWD) trials, being a part of the EWD pilot to date. The PAYG Compliance Pack provides an all-encompassing and revolutionary solution for transport and logistics companies via cost-effective device with regulatory-centric applications. Simply add more applications as you require them such as vehicle tracking, demurrage and job tracking, messaging and more!

The Contents, Benefits and Features


What's included?


Key Benefits


Key Features

So what's included in the PAYG Compliance pack? A massive package at a small monthly charge.

Hardware included is:

  • iFace
  • Mounting bracket -
    choice of suction cup or screwed mount
  • Cigarette power adaptor
  • USB hard wired power adaptor
  • Wall Charger

Applications included are:

  • Sentinel Fatigue Management
  • Mass Manager for NHVAS
  • Pre-Trip Checklist for NHVAS
  • SpeedAssist
  • NextGen

Warranty Period:

  • 2 year warranty included, extending for the entire contract period.

Easy to use - Every aspect from the iFace to NextGen designed with simplicity in mind to make the driver or back-office staff's life easier.


Reduction in back-office paperwork - no more duplication of paperwork a driver brings into the office days after they're actually filled in.


Real-time, informative and structured reporting - simply export to Excel to meet NHVAS requirements.


Low monthly cost per device - the use of iFace for operators to manage compliance for fleets at a fraction of the cost and time taken.


24/7 online training - get access to product and application training videos around the clock.


Additional apps available - want more out of the iFace? Get SmartNav, QuickJobs and more for an added monthly charge.


Don't worry about outdated technology - option to upgrade after 24 months, that is, once you're contract period has expired.


A 7" touchscreen tablet computer that is designed for the transport industry - delivers multiple solutions from the one device.


Applications to meet your compliance requirements - fatigue management, mass management, speed compliance and vehicle pre-trip checklist.


Access to NextGen, a cloud-based portal of information - allows for around allows for around the clock access to your information from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.


Rugged, practical and beautifully simple device - allows for around allows for around the clock access to your information from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.


3G and GPS enabled with large storage capacity - wherever you are, the device will either communicate with NextGen or store the information when out of communications range.

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